We'll be back soon

Sorry, we're on hiatus until further notice!

Thank you for being patient. The comic will return when we're ready.

Much love, -the ZCP

What is Sparklecare?

Sparklecare is a satirical dark comedy anthro webcomic full of blood, gore, and rainbows. It takes inspiration from late-2000s teen internet communities and cartoons such as Superjail, Happy Tree Friends, and Invader Zim.

Why can't I read it?

I have taken down the original comic from the official website, because I am rebooting the series, however a tumblr blog has an archive of the original first two chapters which you can read here and here. However, just to note, this version of the comic is not going to be continued.

Why are you rebooting it?

A lot of reasons, but the bottom line really is I just feel the comics first-run did not properly express the message I was trying to portray. Therefore I am remaking it into something new and improved.

How different is the reboot going to be?

A lot of characters are being redesigned- most of the main plot is different, and some characters are being removed. I am starting absolutely from scratch so it will definitely have a lot of changes.

When will the reboot be out?

I am currently aiming for a mid-to-late 2018 release, but this is not set in stone. I will update this when I have a clearer time frame in mind.