The following comic contains adult language, violence and gore, medical malpractice, torture and abuse, trauma, and sexual humor.Later scenes may involve suicide and other triggering or squicky subject matter.

THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS and should NOT be read by any. Viewer discretion advised

Proudly stationed in the center of Citycountrytown, the Sparklecare Hospital flaunts a sparkling reputation as the best medical center in the world. Sure, no patients are ever released from its walls, but that doesn’t stop it from being the absolute best option for healing the ill. If you or a loved one are under the pressure of finding quality treatment, look no further- we will come to your aid! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a dial at 666-CARE* today!

*this number is currently out of service due to repairs. Please do not call right now.

My name is Trip! Sparklecare is a dark comedy webcomic about medical malpractice and trauma. It is my first major project. A fair warning to all readers that the comic will contain lots of disturbing content. This is not my first attempt at this story, but I am rebooting the original. I hope you all enjoy the story I have to tell! Thanks for reading!