by lps666

Welcome to the hospital! Our mission statement is the following: Return all patients to good health. Our practitioners will work with you to help you recover in the way we see fit. Its hospital policy TO treat the patient, no matter the circumstances or conditions. We swear to treat you. To avoid legal complications, the outside world has no knowledge of the hospital’s location or existence. Patients are not to leave the hospital under any circumstances, even our post-mortem patients do not leave the grounds. Once cured, patients are applicable to working at the hospital. After successful treatment, patients earn permanent residency in the residential ward. Staff is not to leave the hospital under any circumstances.

Sparklecare is an edgy self-aware satire webcomic. It’s not very serious. if u like nihilism, rainbows, gore, and weird internet culture jokes, youve come to the right place! i don’t condone the behaviors/actions of any of the characters in this comic.

chapter 2 starts on June 5th, 2017!
updates every monday!

about the author

My name is Bailey “trip” sansom (please call me trip!) i’m a gay brainweird rainbow cartoonist, illustrator, & dev! sparklecare is a coping+healing project. thanks for reading!