Happy Monday! This update was particularly special because of the fact its the last in the first chapter and I wanted to leave a particularly special message. First off I’ll let everyone know that we are going on a small hiatus until June before chapter 2 starts (mostly bc my wrist is killing me and i seriously need a break lol) Dont worry, thats not as long as it might sound. There will possibly be some things posted on mondays, so keep an eye out!!

the next thing I wanted to say was just a lil sappy thing. I just wanted to thank everyone for reading and sticking around to see the silly story i have to tell. I never dreamed this random thing i made in a spur of the moment would end up where it is now. its really weird seeing how far its come in just 10 months. it sounds like a long time, but it went by really fast…

this comic is really important to me and is actually a coping thing for a bad hospital experience i had (ive mentioned this in a few places before but im not sure i have here) and it makes me feel better about trauma it gave me. its an outlet, and knowing it entertains- and even helps others, too- makes me really really happy. i hope my silly webcomic brightens up your mondays for many years to come.

thanks for reading! see you on june 5th (first monday of june) ❤💛💚💙💜