What will the comic schedule be?

Updates will be posted Mondays and Thursdays.

Is this comic 18+?

No, but it contains adult themes and humor, so kids shouldn’t be reading it.

Can my OC be in the comic?

As much as I’d love to include every fan character, there are literally hundreds now and it would be unfair to include one and not all others. I’d love to see them if you want to submit them or @ me! Thanks for understanding!

Are there any [LGBT+ label] characters?

You can search the tumblr with the label you’re looking for to see if I’ve answered this before, but chances are most likely! If you have a more specific question about a character in particular feel free to send me an ask!

Are you ok with people being “kin” with your characters?

Yes! I am, but please be kind and respectful to other fans. I know some fictionkin can be kind of aggressive and mean to others, and I don’t want that :c But it honors me that you relate to my characters that much!

What inspired this comic?

I had a bad hospital experience and am basing this comic off of that to vent and feel better. I also am referencing personal opinions and trying to highlight realities.

What happened to you? Were you actually

I’m not comfortable talking about my hospital trauma in detail with strangers on the internet, and would prefer to not be asked or have people theorize about “what happened.” Sorry.

Reboot VS preboot questions

What is the “preboot”?

This comic had a first run from 2016-2017, but was remade, as I wasn’t satisfied with my work and wanted to develop the story further. I refer to the ‘original’ comic as the preboot, or pre-reboot.

Where can I read the original comic?

Here is a link to chapter 1 and the unfinished chapter 2! Keep in mind that this will not be finished and its events are no longer canon to the reboot plot, nor does anything in it correlate with the new comic.

Who all is going to be returning in the reboot?

Barry, Uni, Caroline, Hemera, Jay, Doom, Cuddles, Nurse Kills, Nurse Shortnick, Peepbeep, Dr Sunshine, Dr Nya, Ribbon Pop, Doi1 and Doi2, Kitter Catter, Nurse Snare, Dr Party, Dr Handerson, everyone in the circus, President Meat, and new characters. They do not all appear at first and, in fact, most probably won’t be seen for a while.

Why is [any character] not returning?

Mostly due to character ownership and personal reasons. We are not disclosing specific details.

Can we know details about the preboot plot?

No, because it is not canon anymore and no longer relevant to the story.


The comic page is not loading

Clear your browser cache or, alternatively, hit CTRL+F5. This is a common issue that I’m working on resolving! Thanks for understanding!

I want to make a webcomic but I don’t know where to start.

Here’s a post I made with my experience and advice with webcomics!

Where is the blank for the character sheet?

Here is a link