Frequently asked questions about the comic!

Is this a “kidcore” comic?

NO!!! A lot of people believe because of the comic’s aesthetics (and the fact I run a tumblr blog that contains it) that it is kidcore, but it is NOT kid-friendly at ALL, due to gore and NSFW themes. I actually really recommend that if you draw fanart of it and put it in one of those tags, PLEASE put a warning of the comic not being kid-friendly. I really, really don’t want anyone to be upset or have their safe spaces invaded. I want everyone to feel okay.

Is this comic 18+?

Technically, no. There is no explicit pornography ever, but it will have adult/NSFW themes. Please keep this in mind while reading, if that stuff bothers you!

Do you put fan characters/OCs in the comic officially? Would you put my OC in?

I get this question a lot- there are a few OCs in the comic, yes, but these were characters I agreed to be in it before it was extremely popular and had a bunch of fan characters. There are so many now that I couldn’t possibly put all of them in, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love absolutely every single one of them!

How do you feel about people being “Fictionkin” with your characters?

I’m really honored they are that relatable, and totally cool with it! Just please don’t harass anybody and be kind and responsible to other fans, please.

I want to make a webcomic but I don’t know where to start. Do you have advice?

Here’s a tumblr post I made with some advice about beginner comics and web hosting!

Is [blank] trans?

The only cis characters are Uni, Nurse Snare, Dr Livings, Nurse Shortnick, and Miley Smiley.

What is Doom’s gender?

He has none.

What is the purpose of the countdowns?

The sidebar countdowns are counting down to specific updates of choice (which can be serious or silly.) Sometimes there will be a hiatus too, and there will be a countdown until the comic returns. There may be countdowns for other things in the future.

Why does [character] look different than when they first appeared?

My art changes over time. Sometimes I like to add new things!

[anything not on here]?

Check out the answers tag on my tumblr, or feel free to send me an ask!